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Joining IFC for the new season 20/21

Firstly you would have trialed and been asked to join.

You will be asked to sign a parent and player agreement.

The cost is £370 for the season this can be paid in equal instalments on the last day of each month May - August (4 payments).

You will be given a team kit, you will be asked to pay a £40 deposit which is refundable on return of the kit.

The kit lasts 2 seasons

The registration fee covers the season of training August - June and the Sunday matches which are coordinated by the League we are in.

IFC is a community football team - a group of people who share something in common.

We all do the love of football.

Everyone will feel a sense of belonging regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, have been able to accept and transcend their differences, enabling them to communicate effectively and openly and to work together towards goals identified as being for their common good. 

IFC is not just about football its about individuals building characters, their studies, becoming an adult.

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