Interwood Football Club Teams

IFC community is a cohesive, safe, confident, and happy place.


Sometimes it’s hard to get your buddies together for a game in the park.

Interwood Football Club makes it easy, with teams and league play throughout the season.

Whether you’re a spectator, a novice at football or a seasoned player who wants to keep on playing, there’s a team here for you.



Contact Jamie

07891 528324

Our young boys and girls have a great time learning to play with friends. We focus on sportsmanship, teamwork and having fun with football. If you have someone interested in joining this team, please get in touch today.


Contact Sean

07526 806014

Trained by Sean (ex IFC player still plays now in non league football) and Dean West Ham Scout.


Contact Dave

07956 599568

Trained by Dave who has been involved with IFC for over 10 years.  Dave's u16 team won the double.  Dave is now passing his knowledge onto our young players.


Contact Andy

07816 658899

Andy has been with Interwood over 5 seasons and had many players scouted to academies whilst in his team.  A qualified physiotherapist he knows what his team needs.


Contact Kyri

07786 933666

Manager Kyri enjoys progressing his players, he has been with IFC over 5 seasons. Under his leadership, his team is excelling at Interwood Football Club, and we want to keep it that way. If you’re serious about winning, come by for a tryout session.


Contact Sabrina

07702 090974

Green Team managed by Danny Bailey has had a strong season so far, Danny gets all his players involved and team spirit is high.

U16 Blue managed by Terry has built up a new squad for this season, if you fancy joining our U16s contact us.